Michael Jackson (born 1966) is an experimental photographer based in North Dorset, England.

After moving to Wales in 2007 he spent over eight years studying and photographing a single beach in Pembrokeshire which resulted in him winning the Chris Beetles Award in 2013 and being a Hasselblad Masters Award finalist three times.

He has since discarded the camera altogether and is currently progressing the luminogram process into new directions.

"A true avant-garde of photography, he is on his way to becoming one of the most renowned contemporary fine art photographers." - Lomography Magazine

"Mike Jackson’s stunning luminograms extend toward perfection what many photographers in the early twentieth century began" - The Od Review

Central to his practice is the concept of the growth and sharing from all his projects and aspects of his work - the main root of it all being his years studying the beach at Poppit. He is devoted to the idea of creating an object through self analysis and a ground up approach to ideas, progression and final realisation. He holds no devotion to one individual technique or process - using whatever process needed to produce the results required.

His work has toured with the Hasselblad Masters On Tour twice and has been exhibited in Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Berlin, New York, Cardiff, London & Los Angeles.

The website Luminous Lint added of his Poppit Sands work -

"Using the square format of a Hasselblad frame to best advantage Michael Jackson has created a dark and brooding series of images that lift themselves from temporal or spatial constraints. The work has similarities with the work of Minor White and Aaron Siskind being a search for the inner meaning of form but Michael Jackson does not provide his own interpretations:

"I think an image needs to be born from an honest place. It needs strength and also something that cannot be described in words. Words are pretty useless when it comes to describing heartfelt reactions."

The work of Michael Jackson is an abstraction of the real and leaves the viewer to add additional levels of meaning."

2015 Critical Mass Finalist
2015 Director's Award, OPEN:2015, PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont
2013 The Chris Beetles Award, London
2010 Hasselblad Masters Award Finalist 'Poppit Sands'
2009 Hasselblad Masters Award Finalist 'Poppit Sands'
2008 Hasselblad Masters Award Finalist 'Poppit Sands'

2016 'The Self Representation of Light'
MMX Gallery, London
2015 'Poppit Sands' Oriel y Parc Tower, Pembrokeshire National Park
2014 'Poppit Sands' Beetles & Huxley Gallery, London
2009 'Poppit Sands' Photo Image Gallery, Shrewsbury
2008 'Poppit Sands' Icetwice Gallery, Olney
2008 'Poppit Sands' Pendre Gallery, Cardigan
2007 'Landscapes' Winchester

Group Shows
UPCOMING 2017 PhotoLondon, Somerset House 18th-21st May
2016 South Korea, Seoul, FOTOFILMIC '15
2015 Vancouver, FOTOFILMIC '15
2015 Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, New York - FOTOFILMIC '15
2015 'Monochrome' French Institute in Edinburgh
2015 OPEN:2015 - PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont, USA (Directors Award Winner)
2013 Beetles & Huxley Gallery, London
2013 Chris Beetles Gallery, London
2012 Off The Wall Gallery, Summer Show, Cardiff
2011 (as part of Hasselblad Masters Tour) Hasselblad Studio - London,
Siren Studios - Los Angeles,
ShootNYC - New York,
Delight Studios - Berlin,
Beijing - 798 Space.
2011 Off The Wall Gallery, Christmas Show, Cardiff
2011 Off The Wall Gallery, Summer Show, Cardiff
2010 Art At, Wales
2009 Taikog Place, Hong Kong
2009 The DASK Gallery, Copenhagen
2009 MILK Studio, New York
2009 Art At , Wales

Photo+ Magazine (South Korea)

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